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We are now selecting a limited number of locations to construct a campus-wide telecommunications system at no cost!* Privatel has allocated millions of dollars for construction. Contact us for more information!

Privatel is authorized to operate as a private satellite cable television program provider nationwide under the rules and regulations of the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION. Provide your residents with cable television programming including all ongoing maintenance and replacement equipment, with no installation charge.* Privatel also handles all of your F.C.C. mandated leakage and other filings.

Get connected to networks such as CNN, Lifetime, American Movie Classics, USA, ABC Family, TNT, Discovery Channel Health, and the Fox Movie Channel. Hundreds of channels are now available via Privatel's on site satellite downlink facility. In addition, Privatel offers a full range of telecommunication services including, Low-Cost High-Speed Internet, Digital Signage, Wi-Fi, and Cellular Technologies.

Privatel has provided industry- leading cable TV system installations for decades. We are responsible for some of the most advanced infrastructures in the institutional market, and we have an extensive customer base. Our thoroughly experienced management and technical team have provided installations for thousands of subscribers nationwide in senior living communities, hospitals, and colleges.

With the High Definition (HD) revolution upon us, Privatel has already completed local HD system upgrades for many customers. We will continue to provide our clients with the ability to offer their community all advancements in television entertainment.

Our Cable TV systems also include in-house television channels programmed by your staff for the distribution of live video, upcoming events, religious services, emergency announcements, bus trips, etc.; all delivered instantly to every resident in your community. Privatel installs and maintains the system at no additional cost with technicians available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.*

*All offers are provided on a limited basis and can be rescinded at any time

Please select the community environment that best represents your institution

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