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From Flat Screen TV's that match the d├ęcor of the hospital room, to pillow speakers, Privatel Incorporated can tailor an installation to the needs of the institution, typically at lower costs than your local cable operator.

With customizable access channels, your staff can provide daily listings of menu choices, recommend programming, advertise local businesses, and list special events to your patients. There is no limit to the possibilities when you take control of your own information channel!

Privatel can provide your hospital with satellite-quality channels direct to your patient rooms, at lower costs than your local cable operator. We also offer local affiliate HDTV programming with no need for converter boxes.

Get direct satellite connection to the channels you want, including HBO, CNN, History Channel, FOX News and hundreds more.

By choosing from hundreds of channels, you can tailor your programming to the interest of your patients, staff and administrators!

Included in you package is an in-house television channel that can be programmed by your staff for the distribution of live video, taped events, religious services and/or event calendars.

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