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CABLE TELEVISION / Senior Living Communities

When it comes to long-term care, cable television service becomes an important factor. A technology leader in the assisted living field, Privatel has the experience necessary to provide your campus with the comfort, care and detail needed for a senior living community.

This system includes an in-house television channel programmed by your staff for the distribution of live video, taped institution events, religious services and/or event calendars. Movie networks like HBO and Showtime are available on the Privatel system, as well as the best and newest in HD programming.

Display information about your community, supply a listing of daily activities or advertise local businesses to your residents. There is no limit to the possibilities you can take advantage of with you own customizable information channel.

Privatel can provide your healthcare community with satellite-quality channels direct to your resident rooms and meeting centers at, typically, lower costs than your local cable operator.

Customize your own lineup from hundreds of channels. This allows you to tailor your programming to the interests of your residents and staff.

Please select the community environment that best represents your institution

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