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As corporate entities have come to realize, cellular technology is quickly moving to supplement, and in some cases, replace, many landline telephone systems. What is not fully realized is that cellular technology is the fastest-growing telecommunications cost and the one most prone to overspending.

To combat this growing problem, Privatel Incorporated has implemented a Wireless Optimization & Management service that is fully equipped to simplify all aspects of day to day wireless needs, while reducing overhead and unnecessary costs. To achieve this goal, our team works directly with cellular carriers and your telecommunications department to secure savings and optimize your services on an ongoing basis.

Privatel can design, implement and maintain a cellular program that is tailored to your community. Our step-by-step optimization process works to ensure that your organization is receiving the best available rates, all while simplifying the day to day management process. Privatel will also work with your institution to develop an on-site marketing campaign as well as a customer service system for your students, staff and/or residents.


Account Consolidation
Privatel Incorporated works directly with the cellular provider to consolidate multiple accounts. By working from a single account, all aspects of day-to-day management can be streamlined and carrier-built tools can be fully implemented.

Rate Plan Optimization
Our technicians will audit all phone lines and provide plan recommendations for each. In our experience, we have found that many corporate lines have unnecessary features while others are not properly configured, thereby causing overage. We will also provide different minute plan options. By pooling minutes with a large amount of phone lines, we can reduce costs across the board.

Cost Center Budget Reporting
While some carriers offer the ability to divide a master bill into different costs centers, Privatel has found that these tools are often cumbersome and complicated to use. Instead, many companies choose to continue using multiple accounts, thereby denying themselves potential savings. Our automated billing platform allows customers to set multiple cost centers while maintaining a single master account. Our system will generate automated electronic monthly statements by department, cost center, or individual line.

Ongoing Management Services
Privatel Incorporated’s management team will provide the tools to simplify the daily nuances of service related issues, while continuing to provide essential account auditing and billing services.

Student & Residential Programs
With certified technicians and sales associates available to your institution 24/7, your community will enjoy the ability to purchase phones, plans and accessories from on-site representatives. Plans can be customized by your institution and will utilize service from major US telecom companies, all while providing a discount to your Student / Resident population.

Custom Applications
Privatel can tailor applications to fit your community. Students can access university course information, such as Blackboard, receive updates from teachers and check their meal plan balances from any phone we offer. Residents can receive messages containing current events, menu choices, daily activities, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Mass Messaging / Emergency Planning
Our text-alert platform can send campus-wide text messages for event notification or deliver crucial information in the advent of an emergency. Our system allows preset messages and distribution lists to be created in advance. If an emergency should arise, all one would have to do is access the system and within moments, custom broadcast messages would be delivered to the desired recipients.

Privatel installs and maintains all systems with technicians available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at no extra cost. Act now and receive FREE INSTALLATION for your entire community. This offer is limited.


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