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DATA SERVICES / Colleges and Universities

When implementing Data Services for an entire campus, a select few factors come to mind. They include Speed, Security, Redundancy and Customization.

With Firewalls, Data Encryption, and WiFi, Privatel can design and implement a security system that protects the stability of the network while keeping end-users safe. Automatic server backups, advanced power management and the ability to isolate different parts of the network ensure the redundancy of the system.

It's the little things that matter! When your students sign on to the network, we have the technology to let them see your university or college logo. We can also let your users have access to customized mobile web portals that display content that you program right on their cell phone!

Enhance the time your campus community spends online with faster downloads.

Privatel can design and connect your campus computers and databases through a Local Area Network (LAN). This enables your students, staff and faculty to share data.

Allow your students and faculty to connect to your mainframe from anywhere on campus with a completely wireless network!

Intranets (private networks of employees in distant places) and Extranets (networks with users from multiple external places) are also available.

On site Privatel Technicians can resolve any connectivity issues with a minimum amount of downtime.

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