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Hospitals require some of the most complex and demanding data infrastructures available. When a patient’s health is at stake, you need a system that will react as fast as you can to insure that the system will always be online and available to you.

As a trusted consultant to some of the nation’s top hospitals, Privatel has the experience to implement a networking solution for your campus that will insure state-of-the-art speed and stability.

Privatel can deliver the highest speeds available. Enhance the time your patients and staff spends online with faster downloads.

Privatel can design and connect your institution’s computers and databases through a Local Area Network (LAN). This enables your patients and staff to share data.

Privatel can deliver LANs, as well as Internet access, through a Wireless Local Access Network (WLAN). With a WLAN, members of the community can use the institution’s network without messy wires. They could, for example, connect to the network at the lunch table in the cafeteria.

Intranets (private networks of employees in distant places) and Extranets (networks with users from multiple hospitals) are also available.

Security of all systems is ensured through the use of firewalls, encryption and spread spectrum technology.

Please select the community environment that best represents your institution

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