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Our server can instantly display alerts highly visible on all your computer screens. Whether evacuation instructions or to warn of a virus threat, your users will more informed because of it. You can even have pre-made pages for specific threats. This would further improve your response time, which is something essential to managing emergencies.

Privatel's state-of-the-art technology even enables your institution to subsidize the cost of an emergency alert system with a new revenue stream. Ads pre-approved by your management team can display in a small corner of the users computer screens when online. Privatel can then sell this space, providing your community with a revenue stream. In the event of an emergency, this space can be used to immediately alert all users with a message of your choosing.

Residents and visitors to your institution expect that institutional management is doing everything to ensure the campus environment is safe. This is just another tool that help management live up to that task.

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