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Privatel’s video production division, Privatel TV, is responsible for all the company’s television and internet video productions. The company plans to produce numerous television programs at its new production studio in Spring Lake, N.J. including one or more twenty-four hour television and internet networks.

Privatel’s management team has produced numerous television shows for distribution both regionally and nationwide. Productions like "Nightlife," an award-winning celebrity interview show that originated in Atlantic City; a business format production that aired nationwide on the Financial News Network; pioneering the infomercial concept with "Sell-A-Thons"; and producing the first-ever television shopping at home show, to name a few.

The company is currently in production of a new crowdfunding business format concept. “The Small Business Network” will be a forum that showcases business opportunities to potential opportunity seekers and interested investors in each show segment. Now for the first time in history, thanks to the JOBS Act, entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-up companies can advertise directly to the public to fund their ventures. The network will be available to millions of television and internet households. We believe our network will assist these innovators in raising capital to start or expand their business.

The format will be a combination of interviews and promotional taped presentations. Attorneys, consultants, financing executives and accountants will be invited as guests. The network will also feature discussions with administrators from the Small Business Administration and various small business associations as guests. This content will be scheduled initially as a segment of various durations with plans to evolve to a twenty-four-hour television and internet network. Pertinent business information and helpful tips will be inserted between interviews.

Privatel TV plans to take advantage of the opportunities that have been created by the changes in the delivery model of television distribution. The new television distribution model via the internet has made it possible to expand the video channel capacity enormously to satisfy the ever-expanding demand for special interest video programming. Hundreds of new television channels can now be created and distributed both nationwide and worldwide.