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Privatel has available millions of dollars for construction of state-of-the-art telecommunications systems on select campuses nationwide.

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Privatel is authorized to operate as a private telecommunications provider nationwide under the rules and regulations of the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION. Privatel Incorporated is a leading institutional provider of cable and wireless telecommunications services. Privatel offers a full range of telecommunications services including Cable Television Programming, Low-Cost High-Speed Internet, Satellite Technology Services, Digital Signage, WiFi, and Cellular Technologies. Privatel technicians are available nationwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We are now selecting a limited number of locations to construct a campus-wide telecommunications system at no cost.* Contact us for more information!

Our management team has designed, constructed and maintained some of the largest campus-wide cable television and high-speed Internet systems in the United States. We currently serve numerous campuses & communities, and tens of thousands of subscribers. Privatel works hard to develop long-term relationships with clients who want to customize their telecommunications experience.

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*All offers are provided on a limited basis and can be rescinded at any time.


With an ever-expanding customer base, Privatel is always in need of talented and motivated individuals with experience in the Cable Television and Data Networking fields.